What We Offer

Customer Service

Whether we’re building a new retail complex or replacing a door, Lima Construction & Remodeling, Inc. will make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations because we want to be your number one source for construction services for years to come. And we take customer service to the highest level …by making customer service our top priority.


At Lima Construction & Remodeling, Inc. we believe that quality is the result of careful planning and execution. By pre-qualifying and continually evaluating the work of our subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and employees, Lima ensures the exceptional quality of our work, products and services.


Realizing time is money, we understand the importance of having our projects completed on time. We deliver the complete spectrum of development services for any real estate project. From conception to construction and well beyond…Our commitment to excellence is rooted in a deep sense of responsibility to its clients.


Adherence to the highest quality of workmanship, professional management, and maintaining cutting edge building and estimating technology are the standards by which Lima defines its place among the nations most respected real estate companies.

We invite you to experience the Lima Construction & Remodeling, Inc. difference.

Tenant improvements
When you have tenants, you must always be prepared to deal with their requests for improvements – and with the hundreds of details that must be addressed each time. Tenants must be satisfied with the results – and be inconvenienced as little as possible during the process. That’s why it’s critical to make the right decisions up front before you start the project.

With wisdom and foresight early in the planning process, you can satisfy your tenants now and in the future and fill such needs as:

•Permit document development
•Aggressive construction schedules
•Coordination of tenant’s vendors
•Sensitivity to surrounding tenants